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Keto Crackers Variety 12 Pack

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Our Variety 12 Pack comes with 4 bags of each flavor of our Original, Herbs and Everything Crackers. Each bag holds 3oz or about 5 servings. Each serving contains 1 gram of net carbs.

Our keto, gluten-free, and kosher crackers which are also paleo, vegan, whole30, grain-free, and soy-free come in 3 different flavors with original, everything, and herbs crackers. The crackers have a very short ingredient list with non-GMO blanched almond flours, all organic spices, all organic herbs, and Himalayan pink salt.
Variety pack with Everything, Herb and Original Crackers
This pack gives you the chance to taste and have all of our flavors. So you can put salmon on Everything Crackers, mozarella and basil on Herb Crackers and hummus on our Original Crackers.
But there is a gazillion of choices to try out with this assortment of crackers. Be inventive and try out. But be cautious as it is contagious as your neighbor will hear the result:  YESSSSSSSS !

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