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One jar of WeDoKeto's Strawberry Jam comes with 10.2oz (290 grams) which contains about 14 servings of 20 grams. One serving has 1 gram of net carbs (5 total carbs - 4 Allulose = 1 net carbs). The jam is naturally gluten free, keto, paleo friendly (our allulose is not corn derived) and vegan/plant based.

WeDoKeto's Strawberry Jam is made with 4 simple ingredients with about 70% strawberries and no water added. Only this recipe convinced us to be best of its kind and it's quality, taste and texture that speaks for itself. It's just true WeDoKeto.

As you know it from WeDoKeto we limit the ingredients to the most basic ones and the list we are free from is long. So you never find any MSGs, GMOs, Palm Oil, Phosphates, Chemicals or Toxins in our jam. We use Allulose in WeDoKeto's jam as it is a natural single sugar that supports your metabolism and microbiome in your gut and is the best choice of sweetener that we could find. Also check our 2 other choices with Blueberry and Mixed Berry Jam.